Pre-order your Thanksgiving Turkey – these are Heritage breed Burbon Red turkeys. Click to learn all about Heritage Turkeys here!

Fresh $7.50/pound
Smoked $9.50/pound

$50 down payment required.

Processed in a state inspected facility. Prepared in a state inspected kitchen.
These are not the hormone injected, cage raised, bland tasting turkeys you buy in the store.
These birds are completely hormone free and antibiotic free. Cage free. Free range.

They will be sent to the butcher approximately one week before Thanksgiving so that you will have them a few days to age in your refrigerator. All birds are vacuum sealed to ensure freshness

Smoked turkeys are brined for 24 hours. Hand dry rubbed and smoked in a commercial licensed smoker using hickory and apple wood.

Delivery/pickup will be available. Prices and more details will be discussed closer to the date.

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